Psalter manuscript

Are you going to Vanity Fayre?


Em                              D               Em
Are you destined to rise in the air
G              Em       G                A             Em
To meet Christ – sovereign Lord of time?
Em                          G                              D
Take heed young man, repent and beware,
Em               D          Bm            Em
Few there are who follow the line.

Tell Him you’re sorry for what you have done
Tell Him all, lay open your heart;
He sees your deeds, you’re never alone
You must be His sanctified art.

Tell Him to give you a work for your hands
Make His precepts solely your light;
Upright, forgiv’n, take nobly your stand,
Valliant be, prepared for the fight.

Tell Him to feed you each day on His word
Ponder closely all that you read.
Be not forestalled, waylaid or deterred
Truth is truly what your soul needs.

Are you going to Vanity Fayre –
Cold and friendless, tortured by time?
Don’t trust the tales of him who rules there,
He knows neither reason nor rhyme.

Scarborough Fair – freely adapted by Steve Layfield

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