Psalter manuscript

Are we all clowns?


Isn’t it clear?
Why can’t they see
Glory in creaturely things
Full as the sea?
Are we all clowns?

Isn’t it strange?
Don’t you agree?
We in our sinful revolt
Think we are free?
Look all around
See all the clowns.

When will we stop striving for peace
When will we learn that God’s judgement
Through history won’t cease?
Caught and entangled in webs of deceit that we spin
Sure of ourselves
Blinded by sin.

Aren’t you afraid?
How can you sleep?
Things you hold firmly in your grasp
You cannot keep!
How blithely you dance,
Profoundly entranced,
Cut off from Christ’s sheep!

Why won’t you read Scripture and see
God our Creator and Judge
Isn’t like you and me!
Seated on high as the Sov’reign of eternity
None of us here
Halts His decree.

Sir, you’re insane;
Sir, you’re a fool
Turning aside from your Maker,
Thinking you’re cool;
Rise up like a man,
Enrol while you can
In heavenly school.

Steve Layfield (freely adapted from Stephen Sondheim – Send in the clowns)

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