Quill and writing

The Great Debate

In case you have never heard a Christian ‘slaughter’ an unbeliever in a formal debate, listen to this.  Dr Greg Bahnsen was a master Christian apologist.  This is what his colleague John Frame said about him before his untimely death in 1995, ‘Bahnsen is one of the sharpest apologists working today. In my view, he is the best debater among Christian apologists of all apologetic persuasions’.

This book is the clearest manual to which I would point you if you wish to learn how to marshal this (Biblical) approach to apologetics.  This easier to read summary is also excellent.  Please note however that Bahnsen & Butler merely stand as it were on the shoulders of previous giants – namely, Van Til, Bavinck, Calvin, Augustine, St Paul, Christ.  Enjoy, enlist & engage the enemy for the glory of God & the establishment of His kingdom in this – HIS – world!