Psalter manuscript

The New Temple (Resurrection!) – Ezekiel 40ff


This majestic vision concerns I believe the resurrection & renewal of Heaven & Earth.  It is a ‘vision’ and as such cannot be taken literally.  We must be cautious in our interpretation (Calvin sets us a wise and salutary example!) but Matthew Henry gives us good ground to suppose it finds its true meaning in the eternal kingdom to come.  The key interpretative passage is found in Revelation 21:2ff.  This is remarkable for we have then the NT being the hermeneutical key to the OT!!  Procul Harem’s ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ (listen here) was the tune I had in mind.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did in conceiving & working it all out.

Behold the holy city
Pitched on mountainside so high;
Where a man in bronze appearance
Was its sovereign standing by.
Every feature of its temple
Shone with glory true and fair
As I looked beyond the east gate
Shekinah filled the air


So it will be in resurrection
When the righteous live again
That the Firstborn of creation
Shall be hallowed as her King!

Blessed be the faithful priesthood
In the glory of that land
For their faithful words and counsel
Shall before the Lamb there stand
Bearing garments brightly shining
Noble shepherds everyone
They will sanctify the nations
In their service of the Son


From the south side of the city
Flowed a sweet refreshing stream
Moving east deeper and deeper
Till its scope could not be seen
Bringing life to every ocean
While the fruit trees at its sides
Furnished health to all the nations
Where the love of God resides

So it will be in resurrection
When perfection fills the air
The redeemed will dwell forever
In the place, “The Lord Is There”.

Steve Layfield – summer 2012

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