Psalter manuscript

Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones (Ezekiel 37)


Can you hear me son of man?    Do you see where we have come?
– Scattered bones bleached white beneath the mid-day sun
Hear my question son of man, “Can these corpses live again?”
‘You alone, O Lord, know just what can be done.’

Prophesy and speak to them My word: the mighty breath of God,
Flesh and sinews shall upon you form again
And I’ll cover you with newly fashioned skin….
As I prophesied I looked around, behold a rattling sound:
Bone to bone were fastened right before my eyes
By the breath of God I summoned them to rise

So hear, repent, consider what I’m saying; this applies to you!
Heed the call to war, Christ is knocking at your door.

Son of man these bones are saints today who languish in the Way
Who have barely but begun to follow on
Who neglect to seek the kingdom of the Son
‘Hope is lost, we’re overwhelmed; is this the way the story ends?’
Could it be that you’ve been wrong?  Could it be that all along we were called to overcome?

So arise, look upwards, enter into Canaan; vanquish all the earth
Christ alone implore as you wage in holy war

This song took shape during my holiday in Derbyshire (Peak District) this year.  The original song is here sung by David Bowie.  I’ve never been a Bowie fan at all but I guess this particular tune struck me as worthy of Christian reconstruction.  It concerns the tragic state of the visible Church of Christ today – dead in spiritual pietism & cultural obscurity.  Given over to small scale ‘invitations’ (Christianity Explored/Just Looking, etc) with nothing to say about her call to cultural transformation and world dominion through Christ.  May we all live to see a radical renewal of the hope set out before us plainly and simply by Christ in the Lord’s Prayer.  Hope you like this biblical call to arms!

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