Psalter manuscript

Imagine (Proverbs 26:5)


This song was originally sung by John Lennon.  I encountered it recently while walking down a shopping precinct in Leeds city centre.  It was being sung really beautifully by a middle aged busker who doubtless was unaware he was preaching atheism & godlessness to the passing crowds.  It instantly struck me that I (or someone!) should re-craft the words and give the (excellent) tune a body of lyrics that do more justice to the ignoble idea of atheism that the original song lyrics glory in.  The attached pdf file represents my try.  The guitar chords & accompaniment is very easy.  There’s a free karaoke version here.  Enjoy this new version of this rock classic.  Publish it far and wide!

[In case you’re wondering, transcendentals are a key part of the presuppositional apologetics’ approach to overturning atheistic claims.  We must ‘answer the fool according to his folly’ (Prov 26:5).  This then involves our suggesting that maybe such entities as names, numbers, laws, feelings, mind and imagination are (like everything else) nothing more than particles governed by Physics & Chemistry – what utter nonsense!!]

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