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There is an Ache in Humble Hearts


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This song is sung to the tune ‘House of the Rising Sun’ see here.  Hope you enjoy giving these lyrics an air.  Here’s the Scriptural warrant for each verse: v1 (Ps 6; Matt 5:6 & Rev 6:10); v2 (Rm 8:18-25); v3 (Ps 8; 2Cor 10:3-5; Col 1:15-20); v4 (Is 2:2-4); v5 (1Cor 15:24-28; Phil 2:10)

Dm      F              G         Bb
There is an ache in humble hearts –
Dm           F        A7
A yearning to be free
Dm          F                    G            Bb
From rebel fools, ‘neath Satan’s rule,
Dm          A7   Dm
And godless tyranny.

The whole of God’s creation stirs
Expecting to be healed;
When shall Your noblest saints before
The nations be revealed?

May Christian reconstruction now
Be everywhere begun:
Let every thought be captive brought
To God’s beloved Son.

May every island, tribe and tongue
Seek universal peace;
Let spear and cutlass disappear
And global conflict cease.

Then death at last shall be consumed
While, crushed beneath Christ’s feet,
His enemies upon their knees
Will signal their defeat.

Steve Layfield – October 2012

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