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Monumental – the Movie

I meant to post this about a month ago after I had watched this excellent new film.  It’s a documentary made by Kirk Cameron – a converted Hollywood screen star – which traces the journey and beliefs of the 17th century Mayflower Pilgrims – America’s founding fathers!  What it uncovers is breathtaking.  We learn how this nucleus of godly families fled persecution in England in search of an opportunity to build a Christian civilisation founded on the precepts of God’s Law.  The monument they erected which features prominently in the story is closely examined and its true meaning and significance explained.  Kirk Cameron plainly wants a better future for his own children than the tyrannical & oppressive one being installed by present day secularists.  He wants Christians all over America to wake up to the subtle & subversive programme of anti-christian intolerance to be exposed and reversed.  He wants God’s righteous decrees once again to be established as the cornerstone of all culture until the land of the free, practicing the Truth of Christianity is truly free indeed.  So do I.  Watch this film.  And, if you know someone with ££££ and a flair for making documentaries like this, get them to do something similar for UK.  We desperately need it.  Thank you Kirk Cameron for making this wonderful film.  May the Lord raise up a new band of ‘thinking Christians’ who like the children of Issachar, ‘understood the times and knew what they must do’ (1Chronicles 12:32)