Psalter manuscript

To the Church in Thyatira (Revelation 2c)


O sons of Thyatira
Attend to these my words
The fiery eyes of Jesus
No carelessness affords
His holy indignation
Will surely be outpoured
On saints who His own precepts
Have foolishly ignored!

Bewitched by deadly demons
Sent from the depths of Hell
How quickly you’ve surrendered
Your hearts to Jezebel
Her doctrine has allured you
You are ensnared and blind
Let now the words of Scripture
Re-educate your mind!

The kingdom of our Saviour
Compels us to reform
Each nuance of our culture
Till all has been re-born
Each fact we take for granted
Can never neutral be
It must be reconstructed
Till rightly we all see

Alas the Church of Jesus
Is heedless to this call
The gospel it advances
Is partial and too small
More worthy is the calling
Of Christ to save the world
Throughout the heathen nations
Its cultures to re-build!

What shameful fornication
Weak minded saints pursue
When willingly they subject
Their hearts in what they do
To other lords and masters
Who seek them to control
Till Jesus is no longer
Their Captain over all!

Such blindness is not blameless
Unless they soon repent
The Lord, in jealous fury,
Will surely not relent;
Oppressive tribulation
Will all their children bear
Lest others in the Churches
Their stubborn folly share!

True saints who heed this warning
And strive to overcome
Will know the Spirit’s blessing
In seeking for the Son
The prize of His dominion:
Creation under Christ
Glad citizens of heaven
By His own sacrifice!

False idols in the nations
Are destined soon to fall
Their fracture will resemble
Pots smashed against a wall
The wise will then inherit
The lovely morning star
And with the Prince of glory
Shall reign for ever more!

Steve Layfield – Tunisia 2012

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