Psalter manuscript

Will You Be Among that Multitude? (Rev 7:9-17)


Will you be among that multitude?
Will you know that holy crowd
Drawn from every corner, dressed in holy splendour
Crying out in song most loud:

“Salvation belongs to our God
Who sits on the throne and to the Lamb;
Let us all with contrite hearts unite
To glorify and bless His high and holy name
– Amen!”

Will you stand there, sanctified by blood
Dressed in gleaming robes so bright?
Have you tribulation suffered patiently and
Is your clothing clean and white?

Will you stand before God’s fiery throne
Would you serve Him night and day?
Do you love to hide securely by the Lord’s side
Sheltered from the stormy spray?

Are you nourished solely by the Word?
Do you heed its wisdom first?
Do His holy precepts educate your footsteps?
Do they daily quench your thirst?

Are you humbly following the Lamb?
Is He shepherding your heart?
Have His springs of water been your only teacher
Are you wholly set apart?

Steve Layfield –

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