Psalter manuscript

The Great White Throne of Judgement (Rev 20b)


This text will be replaced

Tune: A mighty fortress is our God [Luther’s great Reformation hymn]

The great white throne of judgment looms upon which God is seated
Both great and small shall from their tombs be by its radiance greeted.
So dreadful is that place each man shall hide his face;
There trembling, filled with shame, he’ll listen for his name
Transfixed before his Maker!

Pretensions shall be sore disgraced within that dread theatre
Where sky and sea will be displaced by Christ in holy vesture.
The books of all mankind will then be sought and found;
Each idle thought will there in detail be laid bare
And truth be vindicated!

The Book of Life shall then reveal true saints throughout all ages
While hypocrites will quake and reel exposed before its pages.
All you whose names are missed from that exalted list
Shall never know relief from torture, pain or grief
Within Hell’s fiery furnace!

Steve Layfield – (1st January 2013)

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