Psalter manuscript

The Genesis Flood (Genesis 6ff)


As the rebel sons of Eve
Spread throughout all lands
Wickedness confused their creed
Bloodshed stained their hands
God in holy consequence
Deluged all the ground
(But) Noah grace and favour found
Keeping God’s commands.

Disputation filled the air
With malevolence,
Double dealing everywhere
Led to violence;
God in holy covenant
Promised Noah to save
From the mighty tidal wave’s
Deadly turbulence.

In the Ark, safe and secure,
Creatures two by two
Found asylum through its door –
God Himself them drew;
There within its hollow space
They were fed and supervised
By a chosen few.

When the stormy deluge ceased
Troubled waters waned.
Torrents from the sea decreased,
Dams through valleys drained;
Granite rock solidified –
Token of great heat –
Speaks of foolish man’s defeat
God that day ordained.

Eyes the Spirit opens wide
Witness eloquence –
Fossils forged beneath the tide
‘Tombed in sediments;
History is mystery
To the rebels’ mind
Stony hearted they are blind
To the evidence.

Peter long ago foreknew
Scoffers there would be
Wilful with a warped worldview,
Science – all at sea;
They, neglectful of the past,
Never care to learn
Rebel culture will be burned
By divine decree!

Steve Layfield – February 2013

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