Psalter manuscript

John 1:1-18 > The Prologue


In the beginning was the Word with God in holy union
Before the foundation of the world – God the Father with the Son;
All we can conceive was made by His hand
And nothing seen or unseen was apart from Him planned!

In Him alone there was life – a life which was the light of men
Shining in the darkness of our world we could not it comprehend;
Till a man heaven sent of Him testified
That we who are lost in the darkness might be sanctified!

Into the world that He made in the fullness of time He came
Unto the ones He had rescued and blessed by His holy name;
Alas who in pride refused to believe
Who would not, so did not, His mercy and kindness receive!

Yet to as many as those who, believing, received His love,
Born of the Father on high not of mere flesh and blood,
He sanctioned the right evermore to become
Children of God – heirs of Christ in the kingdom to come!

Steve Layfield – February 2013

For David & April Olatunji – thank you for your kindness & help with Psalter21

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