Psalter manuscript

Children of Eden (Genesis 3-5)


Children of Eden
Cast from the garden
Victims of Satan’s
Devious lie,
Destined to savour
Trouble and fever
Certain in weakness
To suffer and die.

From the deep darkness
Shrouded in sadness
God comprehended
Lucifer’s doom:
Mighty in meekness
Christ in time’s fullness
Bruised but not broken
Arose from the tomb.

Wherefore for warfare
Saints daily prepare,
Enmity plaguing
Creaturely peace;
Not till we welcome
Christ in His Kingdom
Will all our grieving
Finally cease.

All of creation
From its foundation
Calvary only
Pardons and cures;
Each generation
Prays for the freedom
Christian redemption
Solely secures!

Father Jehovah
Bless with Your favour
Those who Your precepts
Honour with praise;
Send them contrition
In their condition
Till grace and glory
Abound in their ways.

Hear, Lord, our pleading
Make us believing
Christ can accomplish
All His desire;
Let not our striving
Nor what we’re seeking
Perish as stubble
In crucible fire.

Steve Layfield – February 2013

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