Psalter manuscript

Romans 7 – Who’ll Deliver Me?


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What can I say? Is there a way to overcome my sin?
Am I to end these days condemned for war beneath my skin?
Is there relief from Eden’s grief and trials with my twin?
O merciful Father most wise
Nothing hides from the gaze of your eyes
Are you deaf to the call of these cries
Not caring whether prayer is heard?
Must this wretch that I am, an unsanctified man,
Be a hostage to devilish danger?

Undone before Your holy Law and awful majesty,
Unholy powers through troubled hours lay cruel snares for me;
I hesitate, prevaricate to furnish each decree.
Rotten seeds of deception I’ve sown,
Despising the kindness You’ve shown;
Is this evil I welcome my own?
From heaven who’ll deliver me?
I will serve in my head holy law till I’m dead
Though my flesh drags its heels on the highway.

Behold for sure there is no more damnation for true saints
Whose daily walk and table talk true love for Christ constrains,
Whose mind and heart are set apart from worldly dark domains……

Steve Layfield – April 2013

I know there is controversy regarding the conflict described by St Paul in Romans 7.  Some suppose it refers to the conversion experience itself.  Others say it describes the true believer’s present daily experience.  I confess I’m strongly inclined to believe it is the latter more than the former!  The sentiments and lamentation of Paul prompted me to write the above lyrics.  I hope Roy Harper’s haunting melody from ‘Another Day’ (1970) suitably services its petitions.

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