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Isaiah 25 – From Of Old, Sovereign Lord


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Tune = Largo from Dvořák’s New World Symphony.

From of old, sovereign Lord, wondrous things You’ve done
So Your Name I’ll esteem higher than the Sun;
Faithfulness right and true marked Your ancient Law
Palaces fortified, withered stand no more;
City walls frail will fall from their place on high,
Whence the strong, loud in song, shall You glorify!

To the poor might and power has the Father been
Safe and sound, they have found shelter from the storm;
Hate from fierce infidels will be neutralised
Faithful saints will expose shameful rebel lies;
Hellish heat shall retreat at God’s icy blast –
Pride and greed then shall yield to His Truth at last!

One and all shall be called to Christ’s sumptuous feast
They will find well refined wines upon the lees;
Then the veil shall be burned which His bride has worn
Children shall be no more schooled in cruel scorn;
Eden’s crime shall in time never more be feared
When the Lord by His saints humbly is revered!

On this hill Jesus will rest His mighty hand
We will see piety dawn upon the land;
Like the straw trampled down enemies He’ll grind
None the proud, chic and loud, will we round us find;
In that Day we will say, “Look, behold Your God!”
With great noise we’ll rejoice anchored to the Lord!

Steve Layfield – July 2013 ©

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