Quill and writing

Genesis 1:1 > In the Beginning

The opening verse of Scripture is supremely important, that’s why Scripture opens with it! As a Christian with a working association in Science I am overwhelmed & dismayed that so many ‘Bible believing’ Christians either deny what it says or else play down its significance. They love to hide behind a smokescreen of sophistry insisting that the Bible tells us ‘WHY’ God created the world but not ‘HOW.’ Their compromise is not too surprising perhaps. They tend, generally I find, to suppose that there’s a mountain of evidence supporting the billions of years they allege as factual earth history. They are profoundly mistaken. Here’s the crack. There are NO BRUTE FACTS. No fact (e.g. the fossil indentation in a rock; the red-shifted star light, the folded layers of sedimentary rock, etc, etc,) demands a particular interpretation. Of course the popular spin they are presented with is laden full with naturalism, uniformitarianism & materialistic impersonalism. But a Bibblical pair of glasses enables the observer to behold the self same data in a very different light. Christians who compromise over Genesis – supposing it represents poetry but not at all propositional space-time history – forget that humanity is made up TWO sorts of persons: (i) covenant keepers & (ii) covenant breakers. For the most part, the scientific community is made up of covenant breakers who, by virtue of their hostility towards their Creator, are inclined to interpret their experience & environment in unbelieving terms. They demand an impersonal, natural cause back of all. This suits the Darwinian scheme perfectly. The few covenant keepers are mostly overwhelmed with rhetoric supposing that, being in the minority & given the neutrality of empiricism, the enterprise of science (i.e. scientists collectively) has uncovered the actual mechanism of creation. They certainly have not! Here’s how it really happened: God spoke; from nothing He created supernaturally all things (visible & invisible). Within the space of six 24hr days, less than 7000 years ago it was all finished. The weekly Sabbath stands as a reminder to us of this stupendous historical fact. The rainbow serves to remind us that God destroyed the old world with water the extent of which was world-wide. For any thinking scientist who wants further detail there’s a host of internet resources freely available to help counter the lies of the worldly minded. Thank you CVT for helping me to comprehend the real struggle taking place all around us. May it please God to open the eyes of His true saints, to rouse them from their sleep & to arm them for battle. As ever, I commend this piece of writing from the pen of RJ Rushdoony. Would that what he saw be clearly perceived in this our wayward generation!