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Rick Warren & Seeker Sensitive Church Movement

This video is well worth watching if you’re a thinking contemporary Christian.  It highlights the trend in  the modern evangelical church movement of ‘dumbing down’ the gospel in order to make it more palatable to unbelievers.  Not all have been taken in by the subtlty of this drive but its influence can perhaps help to explain why so much of what we do caters for the ‘first-time’ visitors to our churches.  I confess I’ve even felt troubled by our preference these days for courses such as ‘Christianity Explored’ or ‘Just Looking’, etc.  Can you imagine the apostle Paul going to Corinth & setting up such programs?  Of course not.  Rather, he made a bee line for the temples, the market places (where men gathered to discuss politics & current thinking).  He sought to persuade, by argumentation (NOT contentiousness despite what you think!), people to repent & to turn from idolatry to faith & trust in the one true living God.

This video ought to induce the entire Christian Church to weep & mourn for having so long tolerated &, dare I say it) followed such wolves in sheeps clothing who have changed the true gospel for a diluted, false substitute.  May God awaken us to the nature of true spirituality & authentic Biblical discipleship in this our generation.  I like Jeff Durbin’s comments about modern evagnelical methodology (modus operandi) in this excellent video – another must watch.  Praise God for the likes of Jeff Durbin teaching us what genuine evangelism & soul-winning looks like.