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Jeff Durbin – Gospel of the Kingdom!

Having read Van Til closely over recent years & recognised the huge importance his distinctive approach to Christian apologetics represents I warmly commend the ministry of pastor Jeff Durbin.  He is one of a growing number of Van Til / Bahnsen scholars who has dared to take the full-orbed gospel out into the market place of ideas to take on the host of unbelieving worldviews out there.  Not only is he smart he’s witty & full of Christian warmth & compassion – something sadly lacking among many of us who are exuberant & zealous for God’s truth.  May it please the Lord to bless his Church & especially the radio ministry he provides via apologiaradio.

Jeff explains why optimistic postmilennial eschatology must be recovered in the Church if ever we’re to make a significant advancement within the culture as Christians.  Click here to here him explain why.