Quill and writing

Peter Hammond – Frontline Fellowship

What a delight & what an encouragement to discover this man’s ministry & mission.  Here is a man who comprehends the flow of redemptive history & Christ’s program of international conquest THROUGH THE GOSPEL.  I heartily commend the preaching & teaching ministry of Peter Hammond & would warmly recommend that all of us who believe download & listen to the expert accounts of what’s really going on all around us today.  May the Lord give wide circulation & readership to Frontline Fellowship books & literature.  For a fine example of just how Peter Hammond grasps the true nature of Christianity’s relationship with ‘politics’ listen here and here. His books are available (VERY CHEAPLY!) here too.

The following is a transcript of his closing prayer from his address ‘What are we to render unto Caesar?’

“LORD God we want to thank and praise You for the Great saints of old who have shown the way; we thank You for the Daniels and the Shadrachs, Meshachs & Abednegos who stood firm and stood boldly; we thank You LORD for all of Your people, from Jeremiah to Esther who resisted those who were tyrants; for Moses’ parents and the midwives for saving lives rather than taking them at the order of Pharaoh; we thank You LORD God for all the examples we have in Scripture and Church history; we praise God for Dr Martin Luther who courageously stood before emperor Charles V and say, ‘My conscience is captive to the Word of God – here I stand, I can do no other.’ We thank You for the remembrance of Prince William of Orange and we thank You LORD for the message that comes out so clearly from the early persecuted Church that Jesus Christ is LORD, not Caesar, but Christ is LORD. LORD we pray, help us not to deify or idolise or unquestioningly obey the Nebuchadnezzars and Ahabs and Jezebels and Caesars of our day; but that we would at all times put You first and foremost, for You are the King of kings, the LORD of LORDS; You alone are LORD of all areas of life; and all human authority is limited and delegated by You and answerable to You; LORD we thank You for the principles of ‘LEX REX’ – that Your Law is king and we thank You LORD for the assurance that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that You are LORD to the glory of God the Father. We look forward to that Day in Jesus Name, AMEN!”