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Ephesians 1:3-10 > Who am I?


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Who am I? I’m a saint of God the Son
Looking out for the kingdom that’s to come;
For His purpose and good pleasure
I’ve been summoned by His grace
With a pledge made sure before the world began.

Who is He that has blessed me from above?
Who is He that’s redeemed me by His blood?
He’s the fountain of pure wisdom
And the well-spring of true love,
For He banishes my blame and makes me good.

Can it be I am pardoned from my sin?
How am I in this world to live for Him?
Let me know His sacred calling
And the counsel of His will
As I seek to serve Him as my risen King.

What He says I will do with all my might,
Being sanctified for warfare, I will fight;
For this earth ‘neath Eden’s trauma
Is united soon to be
With the radiance of heaven’s holy light!

Steve Layfield – June 2014  (Psalter21)

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