Psalter manuscript

Ephesians 3:8-13 > The unsearchable riches of Christ


How unsearchable the treasure
We behold in Jesus Christ,
Way beyond all words and measure,
Far exceeding any price;
Let the gentiles hear with wonder
Of His noble sacrifice!

By the Holy Spirit given
His primordial decree:
‘God and man in sweet communion’
Is no more a mystery!
From the dawn of time no seer
Did perceive what now we see!

Jesus, who all things created,
Through His people now reveals
Light and life in holy knowledge,
Foolish idols He repeals;
Hosts of beings in the heavens
Witness how He saves and heals!

Wherefore we with holy boldness
To His royal throne draw near;
Intimate our secret access
To the Saviour we hold dear.
He in whom we stand believing
Shall again in time appear!

Steve Layfield – July 2014

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