Psalter manuscript

Ephesians 4:17-32 > The Sleeping Bride!


Does the path that you walk and the way that you talk
Just resemble the people next door?
They won’t comprehend if they sense you pretend
That in Christ you have treasures galore.
Ignorance, false pretence, indolence, carnal sense,
The pagans around you confuse and surround you
Their anthems pretentiously deep
But the Bride is asleep!

Cut off from true life they are stranded in strife
As they stumble around in the dark;
Full of lust and conceit they corrupt and they cheat
Fellow creatures with hardness of heart
Futility, false humility, impurity, sensuality,
Deceitful desire marks the air they expire
As they skirt about truth like a creep,
But the Church is asleep!

With a clean bill of health, put aside your old self
With its preference for sinful desires;
Let your mind be renewed and equipped by the food
God the Spirit supplies and inspires;
Righteousness, holiness, graciousness, godliness,
Affirm as God’s saint you will never grow faint
In your drive His commandments to keep
This is no time to sleep!

In your passion and zeal don’t deceive and don’t steal
Make no room for the Father of lies;
Holy partnerships should manufacture what’s good
By the wisdom and strength God supplies
Truthfulness, tenderness, lowliness, gentleness,
Should adorn what you do evermore through and through
For we sow what one day we will reap,
If we don’t fall asleep!

Steve Layfield

[tune = No time to think – Bob Dylan 1978]

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