Psalter manuscript

1 Corinthians 13 > Love’s Preeminence


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If I speak the language of angels up above,
Can fathom every mystery and prophecy,
But do so with an absence of graciousness or love
I nothing am and nothing gain
Though all the world think differently
About me
And what I’ve done,
I’m just a noisy gong!

Love is kind and patient and selfless to the core
It isn’t proud and isn’t rude or envious,
Foregoing its priority, never yearning more,
Love sorrows at wrongdoing but
Rejoices in what’s good and true
In all things
It ever hopes
And evermore endures!

Knowledge, tongues and prophecies for a time we heard
Now as older citizens we comprehend
Seeing face to face in the pages of His Word
We’re fully shown and fully known
As creatures who have turned aside
From childhood
And mere games
To Holy truth more sure!

Faith and hope remain and sustain me on my way
Affection for Christ’s holy saints constrains me
Chief of all the treasures I value every day
Is love, the chief and best is love!

Steve Layfield – October 2014

Tune = Stewart & Kyle ‘If an opportunity’

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