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The Beatitudes > Matthew 5:3-10


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Blessed are the poor in spirit
For heaven shall be theirs;
Such noble ones, as regal sons
Of heaven, resurrection,
And God’s kingdom, are true heirs!

Blessed are the broken hearted
Who see injustice done.
Before too long, a tranquil song
Will comfort all their grieving;
Every tear cried shall be gone!

Blessed are the meek and lowly
Who humbly Scripture read,
This earth renewed rich sumptuous food
Shall feed them in abundance,
Providing all they need.

Blessed are the ones who hunger
And thirst for righteousness,
The Lord on high shall satisfy
Their longing and their striving
With holy peace and rest.

Blessed are the gracious hearted
Who mercifully deal
With fellow fallen friend and foe,
Confirming in their calling
By Christ’s blood they have been sealed.

Blessed are the guileless minded;
Truth in their inward part
Shall lead them on to God’s own throne
And keep them undivided
Honoured pilgrims set apart!

Blessed are the advocators
Of brotherhood and peace,
As noble princes of the King
Their pleading that the warfare
Wrought in Eden soon will cease!

Blessed are the persecuted
Who bravely lies expose;
With ancient seers, joy shall be theirs,
For bearing and forbearing
Tare and thorn that round them grows.

Steve Layfield – Psalter21 (June 2015)

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