Psalter manuscript

Catechism Song #18 – Incarnation & Atonement


# Question Answer
46 Did our Lord Jesus Christ ever commit the least sin? No; he was holy, harmless, and undefiled.
47 How could the Son of God suffer? Christ, the Son of God, became man that he might obey and suffer in our nature.
48 What is meant by the Atonement? Christ’s satisfying divine justice, by his sufferings and death, in the place of sinners.


Hey, did Jesus ever sin?
No there was only light in Him

Where was He before He came?
Higher than any aeroplane!

How could suffering be God’s plan?
By the Saviour becoming man.

Where incarnate did He stand?
Throughout all the Holy Land.

What atonement did He make?
His own death for the sinner’s sake.

How was justice satisfied?
By the Lord being crucified.

Steve Layfield

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