Quill and writing

Mission of God by Joseph Boot

I want to commend heartily this book…

I am not quite finished reading it as I write but already I wholeheartedly endorse Boot’s general thesis.  He argues persuasively and very thoroughly indeed that gradually, over the course of time, the contemporary Christian Church has lost its way and settled for a diluted & truncated ‘gospel’ that effectively partitions off whole sections of ordinary life from the claim of Christ’s sovereignty over it.  Alas, myriads of evangelical Christians have been bewitched by this subtle satanic lie.  Boot’s message is as clear as it is comprehensive – we must recover the all-embracing Christian worldview of our Puritan forbears and thereby re-establish distinctively Modern Puritanism.  Regrettably, it is presently out of vogue bearing labels such as Theonomy and/or Christian Reconstruction.

I’ve never been reluctant to wear the badge myself & it’s heartening to sense that Boot likewise is willing enough to call a spade a spade.  Bravo Joe Boot.  How very refreshing!  That said, he wisely includes an appendix of careful warrant for his strong endorsement of RJ Rushdoony.  This was needful in view of the demonisation he’s suffered from high ranking evangelical leadership over recent decades.  Check out the book here.  Read the reviews and endorsements here.

I have this volume both as a hard-copy to mark and highlight and as a soft-copy on my kindle.  If you’re reading this Joe Boot, let me purchase a hundred copies from you at a knock-down price and I’ll circulate them to my friends!  Thank you for giving yourself sacrificially to add to the already considerable number of books and media resources advocating ‘full-orbed’ Christianity for our time.  May God bless & use your book to awaken our pastors and Church leaders from their slumbers.

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Ps 11:3