Psalter manuscript

Isaiah 33 – God’s Judgement & Blessing


When fierce flames fall from holy cauldrons on high
Arresting stubborn hearts that sacred precepts deny
Who shall that calamity withstand
Terrified by an unseen hand?

First to tumble will be hypocrites asleep in the light
Pretending to be advocates of all that is right!
Who can such calamity stand
Terrified by a heavenly hand?

But a fortress of rock within a mansion on high
With an abundance of nourishment will be by and by
God’s home for sanctified sons
Doing right to everyone!

Their eyes will behold their King
In a citadel full of peace – 
None in that place will talk with stammering tongue, 
No double-minded lips of grease!

Are you looking to Zion beyond the horizon?
Everlasting its streets – nothing there broken!
Streams there broad and wide
Won’t harbour any galley in their tide.

In that Day the lame will take their prey
Of cultural treasure and plunder;
No more “I’m sick”, will the inhabitant say
No peals of furious thunder!

For Christ is our Judge, our Prophet, Priest, our Law-giver
Zion’s bright King – his Banner and Saviour;
Free are we, sailing fast –
Tackle loose with a strengthened mast!

Steve Layfield

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