Psalter manuscript

Isaiah 52 – Wake up Zion!


Wake up, Zion, awake, array yourself in holiness,
Put on your garments of valour, beautiful in strength,
Shake off the dust, then arise
Far from the uncircumcised,
Loosen the bonds from your neck, put Christ’s light in your eyes!

Beautiful indeed are the feet of saints upon the mountainside
Running to preach the good news – glad tidings of peace!
They shall to Zion proclaim
Blessings in Jesus’ Name
Till, eye to eye, we perceive the full scope of His reign!

Lift up your voices, rejoice you watchmen of Jerusalem,
God is aligning the sight of your prophets and seers;
The theatre of earth end to end
With comfort is destined to mend
For now, ‘neath the clouds of His wrath, pressing judgement descends.

Flee from the midst of her streets as vessels of nobility;
Bind up the soles of your feet; touch nothing unclean.
God will remain at your side
He’ll be your Shepherd and Guide
Humbling and sprinkling all tongues and kings in (their) pride.

Steve Layfield – October 2017

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