Psalter manuscript

Isaiah 59 – A Plea for the Establishment of True Justice


Justice is surely turned away,
Righteousness and truth have stumbled in the city street;
That man is destined to be prey
Who turns aside from evil with his feet!

Do you think the Lord His people cannot save?
Do you think His ears are dull, His hand too small?
Our iniquities conceal from us His face
Every falsehood we embrace prevents Him hearing when we call!
Our hands have been with wickedness defiled
With superficiality we’ve smiled
Our lips conceive perversity
Behind a cloak of charity;
Our trust is in the lies man has devised.

‘Neath pretentious decency we spin deceit,
We are slipp’ry as an asp within its lair;
With the silk we use to clothe our hands and feet
We oppress the poor & needy under Socialism’s snare.
Our works are full of violence and blood
Transgressing all that’s virtuous and good;
We’ve shunned to learn the way of peace,
Within this vale of gloominess
And have not sought to do the things we should.

Like a blind man pressing forward on his way
There is overpowering darkness all around,
We are heedless to the things the Scriptures say
Having from the Law of God become uncaring and unbound;
Like a growling bear we suffer in our stride,
As a cooing dove we languish in our pride.
Our strength is all but nearly gone
We hope for Truth but there is none,
Our sins before God’s throne are multiplied.

From His vantage in the heavens God perceives
The abandonment of justice in the gate;
For its absence He is solemnly displeased
Seeing none to intercede He seeks Himself to consecrate –
In vengeance He now rides upon the clouds
Dispensing recompense to all the proud;
For what their wicked hands have done
They surely will be overcome,
According to the promise Christ avowed.

From the rising of the sun beyond the east
To the farthest western reaches of its flame,
Shall the knowledge of His glory be increased
And the honour of His holy Name be everywhere proclaimed;
In Zion’s mount salvation shall be wrought
Within the Church God’s precepts shall be taught,
The Lord His people shall redeem
As water in a dessert stream
Till holy truth resides within each heart.

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