Psalter manuscript

Jeremiah 1:14-19 > Judgement & Protection


From the hills and wastelands of the north
Infidels unto the gates shall come,
Dreadful is the trouble breaking forth –
Sinister their goal to build a throne;
Solemn is the sentence heaven calls,
Fierce the battle round the city walls;
Wickedly they’ve turned; to idols incense burned
Wherefore holy retribution falls!

Therefore man of God yourself prepare,
Speak to them these words which I command;
Do not be dismayed before their stare
Lest I you dismay within My hand.
Fortified are you against a throng,
Safe are you from kings and princes strong;
They shall you assail, alas to no avail,
For to heaven’s Shepherd you belong!

AMDG October 2017

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