Psalter manuscript

Jeremiah 5 – The Sins of Judah


Is there not a man who truly understands
Lack of justice in the city street?
Is there not a soul who strives to make his goal
Countering idolatrous deceit?
Every word they prophecy is false
Heaven’s precepts and power are unknown.

Folly in their schools leaves them wise as fools,
Resolute their face is harder than a stone –
They will never turn; falsely they affirm,
“God, our God, is seated on His throne!”
Broken are the bonds of Holy Law
Idle were the promises they made.

They cannot conceive, nor can they perceive
Sword and famine from an unseen Hand
They that prophesy, preach a subtle lie
Neither will they teach the Lord’s command;
Tranquil is the sleeping multitude,
Whereupon it shall be done to them.

God they do not fear, Him they will not hear
Having ears and eyes alas they’re deaf and blind,
Like the raging sea they have learnt to be
By a humanistic code confined;
Take away her branches from My vine
Fat and sleek their ways are full of pride.

He who sends the rain servicing their gain
Designates the seasons from on high,
By their wicked way good is turned away
Fruitless are their harvests by and by;
For the needy they will not defend,
Shall the Lord be slow to them avenge?


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