Psalter manuscript

Jeremiah 10 – Idol Fabricators!


You practice the ways of the nations around,
You lick at their heels in their humanist schools;
But they are dull-hearted, their thinking unsound,
And so all your children are infidel fools.

Idol fabricators,
They cannot do evil, they cannot do good;
Your holy Creator
Will not be honoured with chisel and wood.

Resources of silver and treasures of gold
They beat into ornaments crafted by hand
Whose features are lifeless and deathly stone cold
So cannot petitions or prayers understand.

The Lord everlasting is sovereign on high,
The earth He established by wisdom and might;
He utters His voice o’er the clouds in the sky
And manifests glorious power and might.

The wounds that you suffer are truly severe,
Your dwellings are plundered, your children are gone;
Great noise and affliction consumes you with fear,
Your shepherds no longer to Jesus belong!

Dear Father please teach us the way of each man
Is not to be ordered by instinct within;
In mercy correct us, please hold back Your hand
And count not the times we have yielded to sin!


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