Psalter manuscript

Jeremiah 14 – Judah’s Ruin


See Jerusalem, God’s city,
Languishing in grief
She from thirst and deprivation
Shall find no relief;
Lads for nobles from her cisterns
Precious water sought,
Filled with shame and sore confounded
They returned with nought.

Barren fields and parched allotments
Overwhelmed the land
Desperate creatures seeking pasture
Nothing found but sand;
God within His congregation
Stands aloof, unknown
Like a stranger in the city
Sleeping all alone.

Wandering, their minds have followed
Footpaths unrestrained
Holy precepts Moses taught them
They, in pride, disdained;
Wherefore God no more accepts them
They most certainly
Will with fiery indignation
Sorely punished be.

Cease from prayer for these My people,
When I hear their cry
I My countenance will turn
Aside and pass them by;
For their priestly offerings of
Grain marked with pretence
They will suffer sword and famine
With the pestilence.

Worthless self-appointed prophets
Greatly us deceive
Such do not from heaven’s throne God’s Word of Truth receive!
‘All is well!’ they meekly tell us
‘God is full of grace!
He will never let us suffer
Judgement or disgrace.’

We who entertain their stories
Shall be cast aside
Being fickle we succumbed to
Flattery and pride;
Deepest darkness and foreboding
Shall attend our gloom,
Lack of dignity while dying
Will define our doom.

Night and day my eyes are dripping,
Sorrow fills my soul,
Can the Lord for His high honour
Make His people whole?
Mighty Lord, attend our pleading
Spare us from the grave;
Is Your hand too stern to save us,
Or too short to save?

AMDG – November 2017

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