Psalter manuscript

Jeremiah 20 – Prayer & Lamentation


From the stocks, Jeremiah God’s servant
Prophesied solemn judgement to come:
Both the king and officials of Judah
Would be captured and exiled to Babylon!
In the sight of all eyes they would suffer
Then be slain by their enemy’s sword
For subverting the kingdom of heaven
By inventing the ‘Word of the Lord’.

Every day I am held in derision
For declaring God’s wrath in our days
For the sake of reproach I determined
Not to advocate lawful and holy ways;
But His word, like a fire in my bosom,
Made me weary of holding my tongue,
Yet the words of His covenant promise
Saints around me persistently shun.

God on high is my Shield and Defender
Persecution will falter in time,
Their confusion and insolent laughter
Have shamefully poisoned their paradigm;
May the Lord who perceives every longing
Recompense them for cruel disdain;
May regret be their portion forever
For denying the truth of God’s reign.

Raise a song to the Lord God almighty
For delivering the life of the poor,
The power of the wicked He’s broken
And banished their influence evermore!
Alas they have brutally hounded
Your servant, O Lord, every day,
Let him sleep till the dawn of earth’s glory
Supplants what is dreary and grey.

AMDG – December 2017

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