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Protestant Popery

Having suffered personally the high hand of what I have loosely termed ‘Protestant Popery’ it came as a welcome relief to discover this man’s indictment of so much contemporary practice found among so called ‘Independant Evangelical Reformed Baptist’ churches and not a few broader ‘Evangelical Presbyterian Denominations’ which meet local to where I live in the North East of England.  For any other fellow saints & brothers in Christ that have sought to draw attention to the shortfall in doctrinal purity WHEN COMPARED WITH MORE TRADITIONAL REFORMATIONAL ORTHODOXY I heartily commend Bojidar Marinov’s excellent analysis of what he terms ‘Mandatory Local Church Membership’.  It’s hard-hitting so be warned!

These are THREE helpful resources I’ve found.  May the Lord of the True Invisible, Universal Church bless and safeguard all courageous sheep out there who have fallen foul to the multitude of wolves that seem to have gained widespread hegemony against the Elect of God’s true covenant people.  Jesus Christ will not be slow to render judgement.  Very often, I have discovered, His means is to allow individual congregations to collapse due to the sufferance of ‘seeds of destruction’ planted from within.

And In One Holy Local Church The Ghettoization Of Protestantism Parts 1 through 3

The book written by Bojidar Marinov is available at Amazon & also on Kindle.  See here


Finally, there is a YouTube video of Bojidar Marinov presenting the burden of his findings at a Christian Reconstruction Conference here,


and part 2 is here….