Psalter manuscript

Isaiah 58 – Yet Shall our Light Break Forth as the Sunrise at Dawn


Yet shall our light break forth as the sunrise at dawn
Then shall our healing with haste ascend to the skies
Then by the Spirit of God shall His saints be reborn
And the pow’r of the Lord be our help in the sight of men’s eyes

The saints of the Lord,
Petitioning God daily for grace
Alas, shall never be heard
For the sake of their sins and disgrace
Their fasts and hollow feasts
They pursue with deceit
Like cruel beasts of the field
Behold their defeat!


Cry out, blow the horn
Declare each transgression and sin
The priests of the Son have consigned
Holy precepts of Christ to the bin!
Their hearts and lawless minds
Have, alas, turned aside
Their eyes are wantonly blind
And snared in their pride!


True servants of Christ
Break the yokes of oppression and greed
Exposing sin’s secretive vice
They are fervent in word and in deed;
Hungry mouths upon their street
Come to their home
The naked too they dress
With clothes of their own.


If the yoke in your midst
Is broken and identified
If the torment of furious fists,
By the might of the wise, is denied
The dryness of Mansoul
Will turn to a stream
And the desert wastelands congealed
Will be fields full of green.

Then shall your call upon Christ be heard from on high
Then shall your rear-guard be righteousness, justice and truth
Then shall you build up the cities of earth to the sky
And your children be trained to be principled, sanctified youth!

If in walking you turn,
Every week, from the charms of your heart
If the children God gives to you learn
His Sabbath to set apart;
You will find, in your soul
New light to delight in the Lord
And new grace to draw deeper than most
From the heights of God’s word.


Steve Layfield

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