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Corporate Readings Through Van Til

Notwithstanding the opening introductory comment, these four audio lectures





provide an excellent introduction and general summary to Van Til’s distinctive Apologetic procedure.  Anyone taking the time to listen to these, if God’s Spirit is active within them, will find his appetite whetted to learn more.  That was me 10 years ago.  In 2009 I purchased this book,

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and over subsequent months & years read it through a few times.  It was hard-going but hugely rewarding.  I likened the experience to walking through dense fog in the foot-hills before climbing up the hills onto higher ground where, from above the clouds, the panorama of God’s truth became greatly more accessible & comprehensible.

Alas, the journey has been lonely.  I have persuaded very few fellow travellers (evangelical Christians) to pursue a similar objective.  Most now regard me as a sort of maverick, out of step with the mainstream perspective, etc.  But that’s OK.

How delightful then this past summer to discover two other fellow pilgrims anxious to wrestle with Van Til’s revolutionary insights.  Our schedule for future meetings is here

Corporate Reading through The Van Til Apologetic by Greg Bahnsen,

taking us through 2018-19 DV.  I’ll update the document in due course as we get further through with it.  Care to join us on a bi-monthly internet ‘Hang-out’?  Let me know!

The questions we’ll be discussing are drawn from each of the 9 chapters.  As I prepare for each meeting I plan to post my own answers to the questions here on my blog.  Others making the same journey may find what I write helpful.  I sincerely & prayerfully hope so.

God Bless,

Steve Layfield (October 2018)