Psalter manuscript

Jeremiah 23 – When will the Righteous Branch uplifted be?


When will the righteous Branch uplifted be?
When will the remnant flock to Christ return?
When shall false shepherds cease to poison speak?
When will true saints the truth of Scripture learn?

Crushed is my heart,
Every bone has been shaken
Silenced is God’s word –
Jest is their sport
By a lie they’ve been taken
The voice of the Lord they’ve not heard
Cursed is the land
Pleasant gardens lay dry
Evil marks their way
Prophet and priest
Are in league with the Beast
Darkness drowns their day…

Foolish their prophets
By Baal they have spoken
Causing God’s people to stray –
Lewd are their habits,
God’s Law they have broken
Slippery paths pave their way;
None turns aside
From their shame and their pride
Treachery rules by deceit;
Waters of gall
They will drink as they fall
Wormwood they shall eat!

Comfort and ease
Are the thrust of their teaching
Visions they have seen
Promising peace
In a world they are leaving
Virtue and truth they demean
Hurricane winds
Full of fury will blow
Breaking their fingers and bones
Hammer and fire
They reject as attire
Chaff, not wheat they have grown!

Steve Layfield

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