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Isaiah 1: Hear, O Earth and Heaven


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Hear, O earth and heaven
For the Lord has spoken
Solemnly, says He,
Oxen know their master –
The donkey to its manger –
But Israel cannot see!
So, My people, full of sin
For the sleaze found deep within you
Shall be stricken empty!

Therefore, Zion’s children
As a barren garden
Hear God’s holy Law;
Bring your fatted cattle –
Sacrifices futile –
To My courts no more!
Sacred feasts and phoney priests
I reject with righteous anger
For their false demeanour.

Wash yourselves completely
Practice goodness meekly –
Speak up for the poor.
If you listen gladly –
Reason with me justly –
Cold hearts I will thaw.
You will eat and drink your fill
If you will obey Me still but
If not, there’ll be slaughter!

Look, that faithful city
Once so fine and pretty
Has become a whore;
Led by thieves malicious.
Violent and seditious,
Who God’s truth ignore.
Therefore, come O holy One,
In Your flames may we become like
Metal pure and precious.

Copyright: Steve Layfield July 2009

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