Psalter manuscript

Isaiah 42 – Behold the Servant of God


This text will be replaced

Behold the Servant of God in whom my soul delights,
In a voice that isn’t clamorous or loud He will champion the rights
Of all who are as reeds, battered by the wind as seeds and as flax within fierce heat,
Given as a covenant seal, turning darkness into light!

The Lord in righteousness called and led forth by His hand
He who made the starry skies and, by His word, grants life in every land
In time He will set the captives free, opening eyes that yet don’t see, when at last we bend the knee,
Acknowledging that that which comes to pass is wholly what He planned!

By truth He will justice bring forth unto Gentiles far and wide,
They beneath a yoke of tyranny and lies bear the scars of human pride,
Who wait, while prosecuting war, for the prize of solemn grace – heaven’s holy Law
Whence peace will be established on earth and all is sanctified!

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