Quill and writing

A Plea for Authentic Christianity

This is the first of two pieces I have written recommending Christian Reconstruction as the authentic heir of Christendom.  I am aware of some of the in-house debates prevailing within the movement and reckon that some, perhaps not all, represent honourable contests for biblical Truth.  However, those skirmishes ought not to deter genuine Christian pilgrims from surveying the literature of its chief pioneers.  Bahnsen, Rushdoony and North were prolific in what they produced over a few short decades at the close of the 20th century.  Much of their output is available for free on line.  My own booklet is merely an introduction to what they collectively stood for.  I trust that it represents a faithful summary of what it was they sought to recover from our great evangelical and reformed heritage. May God bless its readership!  As ever, let me know where you perceive any faulty understanding.  The spirit of Berea (Acts 17:11) surely prevails today as it did in 1st century Macedonia!

Steve Layfield – June 2019

A Plea for Authentic Christianity (A5 booklet) PDF