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Marriage under Fire

I was prompted to write this piece about the status of marriage and why it is under attack today after reading various comments from senior figures in Christian lobbying groups.  These were the questions they raised in my mind for which I sought rigorous Biblical answers:

  • Is marriage a Christian ordinance?
  • What is the State government’s right of involvement in marriage?
  • Does the State have an interest in the welfare of a formal marriage contract?  If so, why?
  • What is the interest of the Church in marriage?
  • Is the family properly constituted apart from marriage?
  • Is divorce a biblical procedure?
  • Is divorce a sin?
  • How seriously does God treat the violation of the marriage vow?
  • What legitimate sanctions can (i) the family, (ii) the Church and (iii) the state bring to bear on its violation?
  • How ought the Church to respond to the attempt by the state to ‘redefine’ marriage?


My inquiry may well be riddled with faulty premises and/or fallacious reasoning.  Please let me know if you think so – pointing out, of course, where!

Marriage Under Fire