Psalter manuscript

God’s Great Plan for the Nations


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Tune = Somewhere over the Rainbow

God’s great plan for the nations
Near and far
Is to render their kingdoms
Under the Saviour’s care.

Jesus’ hand is subduing
Great and small;
Earthly plans and all rulers
Under His sway shall fall.

One day we’ll look and see no more
The crooked and deceitful Whore of Babylon
Her superficiality will no more hinder saints to see
God’s righteous kingdom!

Zion, deep in the garden,
Died at dawn;
She confounded in Eden
Shortly will be reborn

Each tree and flower by God’s power
Shall manifest the scent of heaven’s glory!
And then true saints will comprehend
The providence of God’s redemptive (wondrous) story!

Not too far in earth’s future
God will be
Our sole Shepherd and Teacher
Making us truly free!

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