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Dry Bones Fellowship

Do you live in the North East of England?  Is Gateshead within driving distance?  If so, consider joining with us to pray, study, reflect and think BIBLICALLY about the days we’re living through.  We are a small but passionate group of Bible students who are anxious to comprehend what God is doing in the UK and in the Churches that ostensibly represent Christian causes.  We dare to suppose that there is a lot happening that is displeasing to God.  We accept that for being critical of much contemporary practice we will be reckoned ‘fire-brands’.  We are commonly smeared as ‘censorious and judgmental’, etc.  We embrace the criticism and remind ourselves that many of God’s OT prophets received just the same condemnation.

See various of the blog articles on this site to gauge what are our distinctives.

Care to get involved?  Get in touch, etc.  A warm welcome awaits you!

Steve Layfield

See further details here for local meetings, etc.

Introducing Dry Bones Fellowship