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Lockdownism & The Church

Once again I find myself here expressing appreciation for the analysis & careful research of Dr Joe Boot. A PPT (I crafted) of his article is available here.
These are harrowing times & it’s noticeable just how unprepared the western Church has been to confront the ‘pandemic’. Joe Boot puts his finger on the underlying weakness of the contemporary Church, drawing attention to its failure (over decades) to cultivate a Biblical world & life view. All too frequently, we’ve settled for a dumbed-down ‘gospel’ of personal salvation that safely ignores the fact that God has given us in Scripture a manual by which to build Christian civilisation. Our forbears understood that much better than we do today. Alas, too many entertain the ‘escapist’ notion that Jesus will return imminently and mend everything. He won’t. He’s given us our marching orders & has promised to empower us by His Spirit to subjugate the world beneath His feet (Ps 110). Only Joshua & Caleb were willing to storm Canaan & defeat Christ’s enemies. The great majority that departed from Egypt died in the wilderness. That’s where most of the contemporary Church leaders prefer to languish away their time & energy. It’s a stark picture I know & the required medicine is no sweet syrup. Rather it’s a heart & mind transplant. Joe Boot provides a more detailed culture wide diagnosis & prognosis for recovery in his excellent book – Mission of God. See here.