Psalter manuscript

The Song of Moses (Exodus 15)


I’ll sing to Jehovah my sovereign Provider
Whose triumph and power He gloriously
Displayed when He cast both the horse and its rider
In violent judgement deep under the sea.
The Lord is my strength and my song
Alone He is God, I will praise Him!
Salvation to me He’s become
May families united exalt Him!

A fierce man of war is the Lord our Redeemer
The chariots of Pharaoh succumbed and were drowned
Beneath the deep waves every captain’s demeanour
No more were a menace, no more made a sound!
The hand of the Lord in that hour
Tore armies of Egypt to pieces
God’s excellence, greatness and power
Were seen in that overthrow glorious!

You sent forth Your wrath; it consumed them as stubble
The blast of Your nostrils commanded the flood
A wind from the east there compounded their trouble
The depth of the ocean congealed with their blood
Who else among all earthly gods
Resembles the Maker in holiness?
Who else like our Father regards
The cry of His children for righteousness?

The warriors of Moab and chieftains of Edom
Beholding our rescue will, as we draw near,
Perceiving God’s justice in seizing our freedom
Be stiffened with trembling and frozen with fear.
They will be chilled to the bone
Nervously lacking composure
They will be stilled like a stone
Till all Your people pass over!

The Lord very soon will establish our planting
Devoid of false idols we’ll thrive in the earth
The Mount of His holiness will be enchanting
Saints of inheritance born of rebirth!
They shall His sanctuary be
Filled to the brim with His blessing,
There in the midst God will be
Radiant light in His dwelling. Amen!

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