Psalter manuscript

Psalm 119 vs 9-16 (‘Beth’)


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How Can a Man Cleanse His Way?
Tune = Blowin’ in the Wind – Dylan

How can a man in the days of his youth
Think, talk and walk in his way –
Mindful of Christ and the Scriptures of truth,
Buoyant with integrity?
Yes and what can be hoped for his conscience to soothe
When guiltiness draws him astray?
The answer my friend is keeping God’s commands,
The answer is keeping God’s commands.

Your Law is my guide in the depth of my heart
That I against sin might prevail;
My hands, tongue & feet by Your grace set apart
That they might the darkness curtail.
May all that You speak be my compass and chart
Its glorious treasures unveil.
Awake or asleep, Christ’s bidding I’ll keep
My soul God’s commands I will keep.

What shall the theme of my daydreaming be?
Where every day shall I turn?
And what shall I speak as my soliloquy –
Declaring to all what I yearn?
May God’s holy Law be the glass through which I see
The statutes of Christ what I learn,
Yes, I will delight in doing what is right
Rejoicing in precepts of light.

Steve Layfield – Copyright

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