Psalter manuscript

As the Water Covers the Sea (Hab 2:14)


Do you think that Jesus merely came to save your soul?
Do you think He had in mind a part but not the whole?
Do you think throughout creation
Just a few from every nation
Constitute the consummation of His goal?
Do you think that Jesus came to save your Sunday praise?
Do you not suppose He would redeem our works and ways?
Is His Law what you defer to?
Has it engineered your worldview?
Do the Scriptures fill the meadow where you graze?

He is Lord, He is King!
Every thought and everything
Is to be brought under Christ’s captivity!
He is King, He is Lord!
Every contour He’s reordering:
The Earth will by His glory be
Filled as ocean waters fill the sea! Let it be!

Do you think His reign and rule will be invisible?
Satan laughs at such a thought because it’s risible!
Every earthly king He’ll put
Subjugated ‘neath His foot
For the promise of His Covenant’s indelible!
Do you think the holy prayer that Jesus gave to us
Constitutes a forlorn victory hope ‘anomalous’?
Every mountain’s His dominion
Every hollow’s His pavilion
Yes, He’s destined to fulfill His Great Commission!

Does your faith apply to culture with neutrality?
Are the views of civic leaders what they ought to be?
Is the salt and light we stand for
Just a thin veneer and ‘nothing more’?
Is a city on a hillside what the people see?
Are you secretly in favour of autonomy?
Are you privately opposed to true Theonomy?
Does the Law of God affront you
In your heart when it confronts you?
Do you know a better way to gain true liberty?

Steve Layfield

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