Psalter manuscript

Cosmic War (Revelation 12 – 14)


See the cosmic warfare raging
For the souls of everyone:
Throughout mankind, the pulse of every mind
Extolls the dragon or the Son.

In the wilderness mere manna
Truth and righteousness sustain;
There abides the loveliest of Brides
Anticipating Jesus’ reign.

From the foulest water-fountain
Undiscerning masses drink;
Let earth below absorb its septic flow;
So dry bones wisely learn to think.

Help us manifest true virtue
In the duties Moses gave;
From blasphemies and beastly cruelties
Your holy remnant come and save.

Citizens of Earth divided
Manifest their loyalties
True saints of light pursuing what is right
Strive to counter tyrannies.

By refusing recognition
Of true authority on high
Predestined hosts, bewitched by hollow boasts,
Embrace the contours of a lie.

Lo, a beast with lamb-like features
Masquerades within the light;
Enticing all to hearken to his call
Still our priests refuse to fight!

Humanism is his ensign
State omnipotence his name,
Deceitful ways mark all the things he says –
Soul-autonomy’s his game!

Is the sound of holy thunder
Ringing loudly in your ear?
A vestal gown He’ll give you with a crown,
Heaven’s banquet’s drawing near!

Come and sing with fellow harpists,
Sing as only pilgrims can;
Keep marching on, the battle shall be won
Beneath the banner of the Lamb

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